Governing Body Minutes, April 9, 2007

Attendees: Kathy Decker, Doug Burchard, Mary Beebe, Tracie Griego, Seth Brothers, Jim Telgenhoff, Matt Cosand, Gretchen McCallum, John Wartes, Darren Emmons, Barbara Sly, Jim Etzwiler, Andy Rebmann, Bill Davis, Ryan McNeill, Josh Gerstman, Rich Collingwood, Frank Rossi, Joanne Bottenberg, Barbara Archer, Dick Wilker, Randall Riggs, Mike Bombyk, John Kemple, Perry Turner

Meeting was called to order by President, Douglas Burchard.

Minutes from the 3/12/07 meeting were voted on and approved.

Mission Activity & KCSO/WSSARCA Report

We had a mission in mid-March for a woman with an injured leg approximately a mile up Mt. Si. The Dog Team had a turnaround in Snohomish County. Guardian 1 went to Thurston County to look for five people lost in the woods.

We've had 49 people register for the Academy so far.

The HITS team has been spending some long days on exhausting training.

Treasurer's Report

Laurie is on vacation, so there is no financial report.

Unit Reports for the Good of the Order

Committee Reports

The repeater was reportedly having problems, but is working well now.

There will be an ELT initial class at the academy. It will be open to all.

Academy: Get people registered. People need to get their registrations turned in. The KCSARA site has a downloadable file that shows expiration dates. There is parking south of the building we will be using (the Rainier Building).

Project Lifesaver will be sending four members to the national conference. The frequency change is still up in the air, they are waiting for notification from FCC. We want to get the new equipment because not only is it waterproof, but there is a self-test that comes with them. There is a Class Action lawsuit against Caretrack because we aren't the only ones who have had problems.

CPR Instructor course: There are currently four people signed up. The course will be run no matter how many people will be there. Contact Joanne Bottenberg if interested.

EMT website: Please check for members in your unit on the site. If they are not there, contact Joanne Bottenberg. Applications for the EMT classes are due by June15th. There is an approval form available on the site for the unit to fill out for someone to sign up for the courses (they must be sponsored by someone). The form must be sent to Kathy once the unit signs it. They currently have six EMTs in process that will graduate at the end of May. New classes start in September or October. The class is 120 hours (typically Tuesday evening and Saturday for 3 months).

Joanne has been hosting the medical meeting. There is confusion on who is required to recertify. Some units have asked if you need to recertify if you are a nurse or vet. Those issues are being worked on.

Old Business

SARVAC: We need a liaison between us and SARVAC (they develop the standards that the units must meet). There is currently no way to verify qualifications prior to deployment. They wanted a way to determine qualifications for out of county responders. Requirements were developed, but not implemented. We need to poll the membership to locate someone who would like to go to the meetings, etc. We also need to get up to date on our dues. They hold quarterly meetings at Camp Murray (and there is always one at the SAR Conference).

New Business

Red Book: ESAR's red-book is in the process of being rewritten. However, only three chapters have been rewritten so far.

There is a teacher in Spokane who teaches forestry, etc. They put together a CD with PowerPoint Presentations of courses on Map & Compass, coordinate system, etc. They are good courses. Frank Rossi has a copy of the CD if you are interested.

They did a test of fabric colors for visibility on snow. The fabric was laid out at 6/10 mile distance. At noon, the most visible was orange, second was dark blue, and third was yellow. They couldn't see the other colors. An hour later, they could still see orange best, but the blue and yellow had flipped. At 3:30 with no direct sun, they could see Yellow best, then blue. Orange was becoming invisible.

We had a special guest last meeting, and two more are in the works: "Outdoors For All" and two SAR Deputies that are ICS instructors. If you have any ideas for others, let Doug Burchard know.

Next meeting will be held on May 21, 2007, at Master Builders Association in Bellevue.

Meeting adjourned.

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