King County Search and Rescue Association (KCSARA) is committed to making all electronic resources accessible to all users.

The KCSARA webmaster monitors this website, and all postings by individuals, for artificial barriers to access by people with disabilities. The webmaster provides tools to minimize the introduction of such barriers, and facilitates training of web publishers and developers, to ensure all web applications and sites are accessible, to the extent possible.

Specific techniques employed in this effort include using modern, valid, HTML and CSS standards, and proper mark up where necessary and achievable. We also strive to use accessible, and common file formats for downloadable content, and use those formats in ways that reduce barriers to their contents. Our design and development mantra is "open, intuitive, and elegant."

We enjoy hearing from web visitors about their experience on our website, both good and bad, and would deeply appreciate any reports concerning accessibility or useability. To contact our webmaster, please send email to

Last updated on March 18, 2014