Survival Skills and Equipment


KCSARA Academy

A classroom is offered at each academy weekend, that covers all of the material for Survival Skills and Equipment. See the academy page for more information on schedule and registration. be prepared for the practical evaluation when you arrive.

Classroom Alternative

We have compiled a carefully curated list of videos and animations, that cover all of the topics we cover in our Academy classroom. These videos will take you approximately 2-hours to fully watch (not including the optional content), which is about the same length of time we take to cover the same topics using an overhead presentation.

Written Assessment

The written assessment can be taken at anytime online.

Practical Evaluation

The practical evaluation is offered at each academy weekend, both as a culmination of the classroom, as well as a stand alone, drop in, time slot. Be certain to bring your 24-hour pack. You'll be asked to complete the following tasks.

Last updated on March 20, 2016