King County Incident Support Team (IST)

* IST provides Incident Command System (ICS) expertise for incident management, planning, logistics, administration, and communications at search and rescue missions and large-scale special events in King County. Because our training is of an all-hazards nature, we maintain capability to support other types of incidents if deployed.

IST roles and responsibilities vary and are dependent on the type of mission the unit is being deployed to support and the needs of the Incident Commander and other responding units. On search and rescue missions, IST supports the following primary functions:

Age minimum of 21 years of age or older is required due to the sensitive nature of the information we work with. Additional membership requirements include approval as an emergency worker by the King County Sheriff's Office, ability to complete Washington State Search and Rescue Core Competency Support level certification and ICS training within the first year of membership, and an amateur radio license within the first two years.

On average, IST responds to over 70 missions per year throughout the county working in the incident command post in support of field units. IST welcomes prospective new members who want to serve the community.

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Last updated on March 16, 2015